Creative Intelligence with James Ingram

Creative Intelligence, Solving Global Challenges With AI

Mar 4 2020

Guest Devin Krotman joins James Ingram in this episode of the Creative Intelligence Podcast.

James Ingram

James Ingram

Devin Krotman

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About this episode:

In this episode, James speaks to Devin Krotman, director of the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE. The XPRIZE Foundation has designed and operated 17 competitions in the areas of space, oceans, learning, health, energy, environment, transportation, safety and robotics. The $5 million prize that Devin oversees is focused on artificial intelligence, and challenges teams to develop a system that uses AI to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges. Devin says there’s a lack of harmonized conversation surrounding AI, and says it’s important we move away from dystopian views to balance the narrative. In this conversation, he explores how turning the creative process into an incentivized competition forces people to push boundaries. He also says we are at an interesting place in history, that the problems we face are more complex and dynamic than they have ever been before – and we as humans cannot solve them alone. To build a better future, he says, we need collaboration between people and machines.

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