Creative Intelligence with James Ingram

Creative Intelligence, digital anthropology and creativity

Oct 1 2018

Guests Chris Duffey and Katie Hillier join James Ingram for the launch episode of the Creative Intelligence Podcast.

James Ingram

James Ingram

Chris Duffey

Katie Hillier

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About this episode:

Chris Duffey, senior strategic development manager at Adobe Creative Cloud and author of Superhuman Innovation: Transforming Businesses with Artificial Intelligence, and Katie Hillier, lead digital anthropologist at ?What If! Innovation Partners, join James Ingram for the first episode of the Creative Intelligence podcast. In this edition, they explore how anthropologists can help technologists bring a human element to design and marketing. They also question how brands can leverage technology to improve the customer experience and AI’s capacity to map human emotion and imagination, and ask: “How do we create a movement for digital anthropology?”

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