Creative Intelligence with James Ingram

Creative Intelligence, bringing back great storytelling

Oct 16 2019

Guest Martin Adams joins James Ingram in this episode of the Creative Intelligence Podcast.

James Ingram

James Ingram

Martin Adams

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About this episode:

In this episode, James speaks to Martin Adams, CEO of Codec, an award winning company which uses artificial intelligence to perfect marketing. Martin set up the company because of a desire to bring back great storytelling in advertising. The internet is full of tribe-like communities known as digital villages, and Codec uses data analysis to target them. Rather than replacing human creativity with AI, the company wants to bolster the creative process, offering insights that help brands develop better relationships with their audiences. Having won the ‘Best AI Product in Marketing’ award at the 2019 CogX tech festival, Martin says he feels “blessed” to be working in this field, finding a solution to a lack of empathy and emotional connection created by digital advertising.

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